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Whosoever Will; Let Them Come  
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Open Door Consulting Foundation, Inc. is a 501 c 3 charitable organization with a mission to build, cultivate, and/or maintain Relationships one seed at a time. Our passion is to teach in a way that brings deeper meaning and clarity to lives; one person at a time. Our motto is, “Whosoever will, let them come!”  We do not turn anyone away.  Our services are offered free of charge to all that need them.  We do this to offer help to people that otherwise cannot afford it. Our programs are geared toward individual empowerment whereby strengthening families, communities, cities, etc.  We believe strong individuals combined, produce strong families, resulting in strong communities. 

We offer:

Bible Study
Evangelism Training
Relationship & Mentoring Empowerment
Faith-based Counseling
Assistance & Training
Vision/Business Consulting

For questions or more information:
Call:  972-572-6736



Mission Statement:
To build, cultivate and/or maintain relationship one individual at a time.

Vision Statement:
To empower individual to indentify their purpose whereby strengthening families, communities, churches, companies, cities, states, etc. We believe strong individuals combined produce strong families, resulting in strong communities, cities, states, countries, etc.

Whosoever will:
Our organization is designed to reach individuals at all levels, across all lines, and into all areas to bring purpose out of them. Our motto is, “Whosoever will, let them come.”

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