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Whosoever Will; Let Them Come  
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Founder's Desk

Felicia Brooks was brought up in the church; however did not encounter Christ until her early twenties. Since that encounter, God has used her in many areas of the organized church to include Usher President, Youth Drill Team Captain, Employment Ministry Chair, as well as serving in Junior Mission and Hospitality Committees. She accepted the call of the Lord and the laying on of hands of the presbytery and now pursues Ministry full time.

Felicia is the founder and organizer of Open Door Consulting Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) 3 outreach organization with the mission to build, cultivate and/or maintain Relationship one seed at a time. The expressed motto is, “Whosoever will; let them come!” She relates with Paul who said, “I am a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of His power”. Her thoughts are, as God’s grace has sustained and healed her, it is now time for her to go out and teach others that God is not a respecter of person. The things that He has, and is doing for her, He can and will do for others. The only requirement is that you come to Him. Felicia resides in Mesquite, Texas with her husband, Tommy and their three children JaColby, Nia, and Trinity.

Facts Sheet

Founder: Felicia S. Brooks
Established: November 1999
Date of Incorporation: May 7, 2003

Open Door began as an in home bible study in 1999. Over the next few years the study increased in number and variety to include children, teen and adult studies. This weekly study touched many lives through our interactive style of study. It was with these accomplishments that Open Door began its journey to incorporation, which was received May 7, 2003, and on to complete the required paperwork for 501 (c) 3 status. With these current accomplishments being obtained we are now in a position to accomplish our mission of reaching more people at all levels. We believe that we are an organization that has a heart to see change in our communities and are not afraid to get out in the community to assist in this being accomplished. It is our hope that your organization will give us the required funding and/or in kind gifts needed to facilitate the journey of restoration of self value in our communities among all generations. We would like to be the bridge for those needing guidance to reconciliation, rehabilitation and restoration to the Creator through the Holy Scriptures. If you would like to volunteer your services, financial contributions, etc., please complete the attached volunteer form and return it to us.



Mission Statement:
To build, cultivate and/or maintain relationship one individual at a time.

Vision Statement:
To empower individual to indentify their purpose whereby strengthening families, communities, churches, companies, cities, states, etc. We believe strong individuals combined produce strong families, resulting in strong communities, cities, states, countries, etc.

Whosoever will:
Our organization is designed to reach individuals at all levels, across all lines, and into all areas to bring purpose out of them. Our motto is, “Whosoever will, let them come.”

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